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Newform's Morpho tapware

Designed by Massimiliano della Monaca, the Morpho range of bathroom and kitchen faucets was a star attraction of Newforms showcase at the most recent Milan Furniture Fair.

It is a tapware line that marks a new milestone in the faucet sector: not merely a static, geometric element but an organic, sinuous design statement, a life form that lives in the home, enriching the space and making it unique. It is also an advanced system from a technical point of view: the water flows through four tubes, which then join at the outlet hole.

The Morpho line is available in various versions with swivel spout for traditional basins, in above-counter, recessed and wall-mounted variants, as well as versions for bathtub and shower, with external wall-mounted or flush-mounted applications, tub-edge versions, and wall- or ceiling-mounted shower arms.