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Kitchen by Maynard Architects is enlivened by the textured finish of Oriented Stand Board.

Oriented Stand Board by Gunnersen

OSB (Oriented Stand Board) is made of recyclable materials the sheets are manufactured by placing wafers of timber in presses. Most of the fibres are pressed parallel to the long direction of the sheet, but a random proportion of wafers are oriented in the opposite direction, creating vivid textures in the finished board.

Decorative OSB can be used for ceilings, doors, fencing, furniture, partitions, shelving and wall panelling. Strong and durable, it provides numerous benefits it can be sawed, drilled and routed easily, is easy to glue and can be painted or stained. In addition, it provides excellent workability.

For interior use, OSB can be stained, varnished, painted or left unfinished. To ensure weather protection in exterior applications, all OSB surfaces, including edges, should be painted, stained or clear varnished.