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Altrac fall protection in the atrium of the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.

Altrac and Strongbac fall protection

Bomac Engineering’s Altrac and Strongbac rigid-rail fall-protection systems can be supplied in lengths of up to 12 metres, or can be cut to length. Altrac has no concealed components or fixings yet maintains smooth lines and surfaces, with no catch points to hinder user movement and no rough surfaces to which dirt and grime can attach – eliminating the need for any lubrication of the track.

With some other rigid-rail systems, in the event of a deformation, a falling person creates a valley effect which will cause a second user to gravitate toward the fallen person. In this case, a second retrieval system must be established, which may waste precious seconds in saving a life. No deformation occurs with the Altrac system, so no valley effect takes place. A rescue team can use the same system to retrieve the fallen colleague.