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The Marte tile range from Casalgrande Padana comes in 21 colours.

Casalgrande Marte tiles

Hard-wearing Marte tiles are available in 21 different colours that can be mixed and matched, in six different size formats. The Marte series is also available in an unglazed option in the new 60 mm × 120 mm format. The production techniques employed ensure each Marte tile is unique and impossible to repeat. Along with high firing temperatures, the fine powders used create a high degree of compactness on the tile surface. This makes the tile easy to clean and virtually indestructible, able to withstand both physical and chemical stress.

Marte tiles can be installed in residential buildings, on the floors of shopping centres and business premises, and can be installed as exterior cladding on ventilated walls.

Marte is available in matt, polished, satin-finished and bush-hammered surface textures in the formats 150 mm × 600 mm, 300 mm × 600 mm, 300 mm × 300 mm, 400 mm × 400 mm, 600 mm × 600 mm and 600 mm × 1,200 mm.