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Concept Click batten screening makes installing privacy screening between properties easy.

Concept Click batten screening

Concept Click batten screening is an ideal solution for meeting council requirements for privacy screening between neighbouring properties. It has a 25% open area when installed at 90 mm centres. Concept Click batten screening utilizes a spring steel clip system that grasps onto the specially shaped spotted gum profile. This makes the click-on installation an easy process, keeping the face free of messy fixings.

Concept Click can also be used for batten cladding over cement sheet and for balustrades, roof linings and fencing. There are two profile options: horizontal (shown below), which has a raked top for water run-off at every point; and vertical, which is perfectly symmetrical. The profile size is 66 mm × 26 mm, available in set-length battens at 300 mm increments.