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DORMA Variflex moveable walls

DORMA’s premium brand of Variflex movable walls enables room layouts to be swiftly changed according to needs.

Designed in Germany and manufactured in Australia, the stylish, functional and easy-to-operate Variflex movable wall systems are perfect for hotels, conference centres, education facilities, and public buildings – in fact any environment where room flexibility is important.

With an infinite choice of attractive design and colour options, Variflex caters to any design and layout. Unusual room dimensions – such as high or sloping ceilings, or even circular areas – can all be accommodated with DORMA’s Variflex system.

Create a striking visual effect using a combination of high quality materials i.e. timber with glass, metal, stainless steel, or a combination of timbers.

DORMA’s Variflex movable walls comprise advanced technology, sophisticated yet robust design, acoustical control and the highest quality materials to produce an unparalleled room management solution.