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Hand-cut and -placed LockFast stone panels create a naturally laid effect.

LockFast natural stone

Architects, designers and builders can create beautiful exterior and interior stone surfaces using LockFast, a 100% natural stone system by stone importers Cinajus.

LockFast is available in 1,000 mm × 500 mm panels, in four patterns – ashlar, machine-cut random, hand-cut random and pebbles – in two colours – Savannah Gold and Bendigo Ash. Each panel is fully backed by a quality mesh and polyurethane glue. LockFast is hand-cut and hand-placed, so no panel is the same, giving a delightful natural variation.

LockFast saves up to 30% waste, and most off-cuts can be reused on site, saving valuable application time and money. LockFast is pre-sealed before delivery to the site.