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The Master Lifts range includes a wide range of commercial and residential products.

Master Lifts

Master Lifts manufactures in Australia and maintains large stocks, to provide lifts quickly without the need to import from overseas. The company supplies a range of residential and commercial lifts, which can be installed in new constructions or retrofitted to existing structures, with some supplied as complete shaft-and-lift packages for fast, one-step crane installation.

Lifts by Master Lifts are also available with minimal footprints, reduced under-floor set down, truncated shafts that extend as little as 1,100 mm above the second floor, push-button and automatic doors, door configurations that require less opening space, and a selection of designer panelling and trims to complement any decor.

The Master Lifts range also includes a selection of purpose-designed chair lifts, dumb waiters, platform lifts, and even lifts designed to aid access to pools and spas.