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The Sunbather Security Blanket is a safe and attractive addition to this indoor swimming pool.

Sunbather Security Blanket pool cover

Pool covers have always posed a dilemma for architects and designers. On the one hand, they are vital to save water and energy. They also reduce condensation and corrosion on indoor pools. So for environmental and quality reasons they should be mandatory on every pool. But pool covers are rarely specified, because they are ugly.

The Sunbather Security Blanket has changed this perception. Sunbather has a clean, sculptured look when extended across the pool. It can be placed underground, so it fully retracts and disappears into a slot at the end of the pool, or it can be mounted above ground.

But Sunbather isn’t just good looking. Overseas, the security cover is acknowledged as providing greater safety and peace of mind than a pool fence. Its rigid floating slats will easily support the weight of a small animal or a toddler, and a key-lock operating mechanism ensures that nobody can get into the pool without permission.

The Sunbather Security Blanket saves energy by locking in warmth to lengthen the swimming season, and it greatly reduces fuel consumption on heated pools.

Its interlocking slats keep leaves, dust, litter and those pesky ducks out of an outdoor pool, and it can shut out the light that causes algal build-up.

On indoor pools the slats dramatically reduce evaporation, condensation and corrosion. Sunbather is fully automatic, and is remote-controlled for ease of operation.