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BCA-compliant DTAC edging, from left to right: corduroy, checker, pinstripe and pleat.

Edging details

DTAC’s edging designs offer a dynamic solution to detailing stair edges, nosings and connections. Suitable for retrofitting, the DTAC edging series provides a practical and individual approach to protecting exposed edges and tricky finishing.

Designed and made in Australia, innovative DTAC edging complies with AS/NZS 1428.1 (2009) Design for Access and Mobility Part 1: General Requirements for Access – New Building Work. The range meets deemed-to-satisfy provisions within the Building Code of Australia and Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) standards.

Discreet in appearance and offering uncompromised functionality, DTAC edging can be adapted for all architectural and joinery situations. DTAC can also assist with design services for custom projects.