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Chilled filtered, boiling, hot and ambient cold water are all available.

HydroTap 4-in-1

The award-winning Zip HydroTap 4-in-1 performs four different functions. It delivers the same reliable energy- and water-saving instant boiling and chilled filtered water as the Zip HydroTap does, plus the hot and ambient cold water delivered by the Zip mixer tap.

So, in addition to enjoying hot and cold drinks, you can use Zip HydroTap 4-in-1 to wash your hands and almost anything in the kitchen.

In compact kitchens, the Zip HydroTap 4-in-1 offers another benefit – while a traditional hot water storage tank can use lots of under-sink space, the Zip HydroTap 4-in-1 is a space-saving solution.