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Modul L63 downlighting

At only 10 mm thick, the Nimbus Modul L63 downlight mounts directly to the ceiling with ease. The shape and surface diffuses the light, producing 95% downlighting with a wide beam and glare reduction. This results in an even, almost ceiling-height illumination of walls making it an ideal solution for corridor lighting.

As with all Nimbus lights, the Modul L63 emits a warm glow comparable to a traditional incandescent bulb. It uses up to 70% less energy, is twice as efficient as low-voltage halogen and is maintenance free, lasting up to 50,000 hours. Modul L63 is 100% recyclable, contains no mercury and produces a high light output while running at safe-to-touch low temperatures.

Modul L63 and other lights in the Nimbus range are available exclusively from Koda lighting.