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Blanco Platinum ovens make cleaning easy.

Blanco platinum ovens

Blanco’s BOSE6APX and BOSE69PX Platinum ovens take the hassle out of one of the most mundane and disliked kitchen chores – cleaning the oven. With one touch of a button, Blanco’s pyrolytic technology uses high temperature to carbonize grease and grit on the sides, base and roof of the oven, turning cooking residue into a light ash. This ash can then be simply wiped away with a damp cloth, ensuring a better cleaning result.

Pyrolytic cleaning comes with two options – the standard two-hour clean or the 1.5-hour Eco clean – and unlike other models in the market, Blanco’s range has enamelled side racking, which can stay in the oven during the pyrolytic process.

There is minimal elbow grease required during cleaning and no need for harsh toxic chemicals.