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Miele G 5715 SCU XXL Dishwasher features Perfect Glasscare technology for sparkling clean glassware.

Built-under dishwasher by Miele

This built-under dishwasher accommodates 15 place settings and features an exemplary 5-star WELS water efficiency rating and 3.5-star energy rating. Key to its energy-saving capabilities is the ThermoSave function, which enables connection to a hot water supply, achieving savings of up to 40%. In addition, intelligent load recognition adjusts programming according to the load to keep water and energy consumption to a minimum.

The revolutionary 3D cutlery tray, which is height and width adjustable, allows generous space for larger items and offers a broader range of load configurations. The dishwasher also features Perfect Glasscare technology which ensures that glassware is sparkling clean.