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The Ecowall 225 flush glazed framing system is ideal for auto showrooms, as seen here.

Ecowall 225 flush-glazed framing

With reinforced subheads, mullion anti-buckling technology and selfdraining sub-sills to solve water leakage, the Ecowall 225 is a complete structural system, ideal for commercial foyers, auto showrooms or high-end residential projects.

New from Alspec, the Ecowall 225 flush-glazed framing system is equipped with 225 mm × 60 mm profiles and boasts the structural integrity of 250 mm alternatives available in the market.

In many cases, using Ecowall 225 can eliminate the requirement of unsightly and often expensive steel frames to support the system (subject to structural engineering details and project-specific design criteria). The Ecowall 225 can be used for single or double glazing.