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Big Ass Fans’ Isis ceiling fan has a patented and unique 10-aerofoil-and-winglet design.

Isis ceiling fan by Big Ass Fans

The Isis ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans is specifically engineered to improve circulation in large spaces like foyers, lofts, patios and entertainment rooms. Its patented and unique 10-aerofoil-and-winglet design, exclusive to Isis, is aerodynamically inspired.

Isis uses a combination of size, shape and speed to improve airflow in large spaces, cooling an area of 149 m2. In addition to keeping a room cool, its unique technology allows the fan to mix the warm air trapped at the ceiling in the winter, without the need to reverse the fan.

Available in a 2.4 m diameter and weighing less than 45 kg, Isis can be installed in spaces with ceilings as low as 3.7 m, circulating an ocean of air – the equivalent of nine standard ceiling fans – while operating at one-tenth of the cost.