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The VFL540 street luminaire offers excellent thermal management.

Street light by WE-EF

The VFL540 expands the line-up of street luminaires in the WE-EF range. Designed exclusively for the LED light source, the VFL540 offers excellent thermal management and utilizes WE-EF’s unique OLC (One LED Concept) approach to street lighting.

The VFL540 introduces two important new features to the range of WE-EF LED streetlights. The S60 lens, optimized for vehicular-based lighting applications, is now supplemented with the new S70 lens optimized for pedestrian lighting. This provides significant improvements in pole spacing and total cost of ownership. The second feature is RFC technology, which is a new way to significantly improve the performance of LED streetlights – light output is increased by 5% and pole spacing is up by 35%.