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Trend Thermashield windows and doors lessen peak heating and cooling loads.

Trend Thermashield window and doors

Sunlight can fade and degrade many indoor materials including carpet, fabric, paper, paint and timber. The main offender, ultraviolet radiation, is energy intensive, which makes it likely to break chemical bonds. Window, door and glass selection have an impact on the type of radiation transmitted as well as intensity levels.

Trend Thermashield energy-efficient window and door systems make it easy for you to evaluate the level of protection required for each specific window and door. These high-performance Thermashield systems make buildings more energy efficient, more comfortable and decrease peak heating and cooling loads.

All Trend Thermashield products are WERS rated and are all NATA tested. The WERS ratings are approved by the Australian Fenestration Rating Council and recognized by the National Fenestration Rating Council, currently the only scheme approved for energy rating windows and doors in Australia.