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The oculus manufactured by Bent and Curved Glass.

Curved glass by Bent and Curved Glass

Creating a unique, stimulating learning environment for children with autism was the challenge for Chris Mury of Mury Architects, who enlisted the help of specialist glass manufacturer Bent and Curved Glass in the task.

The central curved glass domelight or oculus, manufactured by Bent and Curved Glass, was a key element in the design solution.

“The glazed oculus serves as much as an educative tool as a means for providing light into a deep interior space,” says Chris Mury.

Bent and Curved Glass worked with Mury Architects in the early design phase determining the maximum size and shape parameters achievable in the bending furnace.

Testing led to the first ever use of low-E thermal performance glass in complex formed glass of this type and size. The domelight is 2400 mm in diameter.