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The Easy Duct is ideal for new homes with a five-star energy rating.

Heat/vent/light device by Sampford IXL

More than 10 years ago, IXL invented the Tastic, a three-in-one bathroom heat, vent and light device, which has recently had a makeover. It was sleek and unobtrusive but still retains all the energy-saving and safety features that are expected of a IXL Tastic.

Tastic is available in different models to suit a variety of applications. The classic range of Tastics is suitable for retrofitting into an updated bathroom, while the Eco and Easy Duct models are designed to fit into new homes with a five-star energy rating or for energy-conscious home owners.

They include clever energy-saving elements, such as back-draught flaps that close when the fan is not in use and the ability to automatically automatically switch off the centre light when the heat lamps are being used. The back-draught flaps also prevent unwanted cold air and insects entering the bathroom via the Tastic unit.