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Nora rubber flooring is ideal for kitchen spaces.

A special red was produced to emphasize the staircase in this project.

Nora rubber flooring by Geo Flooring

When Clive Wilkinson Architects first sought flooring for the Macquarie Bank in London, the brief was to make the central staircase a focal point, as the staircase provides access to all levels within the building. With safety a top priority, the design also had to factor in the safety of daily visitors. Nora rubber floor coverings and stair tread systems were chosen, fitting perfectly with the innovative design of the office.

To emphasize the space, a special red in Norament 926 stair tread material was produced, with each step visually pronounced. Safety strips with 50 mm strips were cut into the top of the stair and 30 mm in the front of the step in a contrasting grey. The visual feature on the central staircase offers maximum safety and clarity for all visitors. In addition, the incorporation of the floor numbers of each level of the office made the floors visible to the employees and visitors within the office.

GEO Flooring’s Nora rubber flooring has proven quality and durability and helps create great working environments.