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Sayfa Systems uses guidelines and procedures to design its safety and height equipment.

Safety systems by Sayfa Systems

By its very nature, elevated work is hazardous and falls from heights and roofs continue to be the prime cause of death and injury on Australian work sites. Every fall is preventable by following specific controls and using innovative and compliant height access and fall-prevention systems.

Sayfa Systems support guidelines and procedures for designing and determining safety requirements based on specific applications for all access and fall-protection systems, including the application of the hierarchy of controls’ five levels of control measures:
Level 1: Undertake work on ground or solid construction
Level 2: Undertake work using passive fall-protection device
Level 3: Undertake work using work positioning system
Level 4: Undertake work using fall injury prevention system
Level 5: Undertake work from ladders, or implement administrative controls.

Aside from meeting obligations, it’s good business to install the higher-level controls (guardrails and walkways) wherever possible rather than relying on fall-prevention and fall-arrest systems such as personal protection equipment, harnesses and lanyards. Standards-compliant, easily installed, lowmaintenance systems, like guardrails and walkways, offer a lower cost over time and require little training while allowing a broader spectrum of workers to do the job safely.