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Construction of the Swiss Grand Hotel with a view to Bondi Beach.

The north-eastern view of the project.

Scyon Matrix cladding

Designing and constructing a display suite that was transported in 14 modules via crane to the top of the Swiss Grand Hotel, Bondi Beach, proved to be a unique project. Designed by PTW Architects and constructed by Parkwood Modular for Richard Crookes Constructions, the suites were purpose built to give prospective clients a taste of the future fitout – and a great Sydney view.

The display suite was initially specified to include corrugated iron in order to convey the temporary nature of the structure however, the hotel owners wanted a material that would convey the quality aspect of the fitout while still being lightweight.

“Having worked with Scyon Matrix before, I knew how easy it would be to work with for this unique project and would be the quality replacement that the owners were looking for,” says John McDougall from Parkwood Modular. “As an added bonus, Scyon Matrix allowed cavity construction which greatly increased the energy efficiency of the suite,” says McDougall.

Scyon Matrix Cladding is a complete cladding system with a geometric, expressed joint look. The key benefit, which saves both time and money, is how simple it is to install. Instead of needing the steel top hats associated with many commercial systems, Matrix cladding sheets are installed with Scyon cavity trim battens. Matrix is sanded smooth and pre-primed for fast paint application and a high-quality finish.

“As an added bonus, Matrix allowed cavity construction which greatly increased the energy efficiency of the apartments,” says McDougall. Cavity construction not only increases energy efficiency, it also helps moisture management. When Matrix cladding is used with the right insulation, an R-value of up to 3.4 can be achieved for the wall.