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General Airstage J-II series VRF system is suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

VRF airconditioning by Fujitsu

The Fujitsu General Airstage J-II series VRF is a world-class system that delivers greater installation flexibility, improved energy-saving performance and centralized control functions. With the capacity to support up to nine indoor units, the J-II Series is ideal for a wide range of domestic and commercial airconditioning applications, from individual homes to offices, hotels, airports and schools.

It features advanced technologies including a large multi-path heat exchanger, DC inverter control, DC fan motor and high output power DC twin rotary compressor. As a result, overall performance is enhanced with a 33% improvement in heating capacity compared with other Fujitsu models (such as AJYA54LCA and J-II Series AJYA54LALH). The inclusion of a larger aperture fan further reduces noise levels.