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Elmich VersiPave 24 pedestal from KHD

Got a project where pavers or a timber deck needs to be installed over an inconsistent or uneven surface? Look no further than the Elmich VersiPave 24 pedestal. Used in commercial projects such as the Hilton Convention Centre in Melbourne and Chatswood Police Station in Sydney, VersiPave also reduces efflorescence, algae growth and paving installation costs.

What makes VersiPave 24 unique is an integrated 10-mm extender which is in addition to its ability to adjust from 24 mm to 45 mm in 1 mm increments. VersiPave 24 suits most paving configurations and sections along edges and corners can be easily accommodated.

Individual chocks also allow for difference in individual paver thickness and a security lock pin prevents any movement once the height is set.

VersiPave 24 also creates a cavity to conceal services, improves heat and sound insulation, facilitates rapid surface drainage and allows easy access to waterproofing.