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Reduce sound transmission between rooms with Professional AcoustiCoat from Dulux. Designex 204 & 614

Professional Acousticoat system by Dulux

Dulux Professional AcoustiCoat base coat system provides a quick and easy solution to help reduce sound transmission between rooms.

Applied by a professional trade painter, AcoustiCoat is a high film-build coating product that is spray-applied to plasterboard ceilings, walls and doors. There is no need to remove fixtures and fittings, and it can be topcoated with any water-based product in the colour of choice.

For best results, Dulux recommends engaging the opinion of an acoustics professional from an organization like the Association of Australian Acoustic Consultants. Architects, designers and specifiers can make silence golden again for their clients with Dulux Professional AcoustiCoat.

Dulux Professional AcoustiCoat base coat system is not currently available. See more Dulux products here: