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Raptor Groove access system was used at the 8 Chifley Square tower in Sydney.

Raptor rail system from Sayfa Systems

Sydney’s 8 Chifley Square – a mixed-use, multi-level commercial development – features magnificent glass atria at multiple levels, which provide the beauty and warmth of natural light. However, there was one problem: maintenance.

Manufactured by Sayfa Systems, Raptor Groove – a proprietary rigid rail system – is designed for work positioning. Mounted to the internal structure and trimmed into the ceiling system, the Raptor Groove suited all the requirements of this unique structure. In fact, it appears more like an architectural feature than an abseil access system.

The Raptor Groove rigid rail system provides unrestricted movement for maintenance specialists, enabling unobstructed lateral access within easy reach of the facade. Raptor tracks located in various strategic directions are also designed to allow access to the advanced ceiling lighting system without having to gain access from the areas below, ensuring floors remain free of maintenance personnel and access equipment.