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Silestone Suede is available in more than 40 colours, including Rosso Monza. Designex 834.

Silestone Suede from Cosentino Group

Cosentino Group has launched Suede – a new finish with a matte texture for its Silestone quartz surface – into the Australian market.

The Suede surface offers a unique texture. With a matte finish, it performs extraordinarily against stains and offers a soft, pleasing texture, with total colour consistency and quality.

The new Suede finish is available initially in a list of over 40 different colours and is ideal for use as benchtops and tiling, due to its simplicity of daily maintenance and the ease with which it can be cleaned with soap and water. Suede, like the other two Silestone finishes, Polished and Volcano, features the unique Silestone bacteriostatic property, which guarantees maximum hygiene in all its applications.