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Sunworker screen by Dickson Constant

Dickson Constant’s Sunworker solar-protective fabric preserves privacy while maintaining full visibility to the outside.

Thanks to its perforated “micro structure,” clients can enjoy the comfort of quality and natural light. The thinness of the fabric – just 0.40 mm – allows it to be stored in small-sized cassettes, making it adaptable to most architectural environments. Thanks also to its highly regular, perforated micro-structure, the fabric acts as a genuine heat filter. It repels up to 92% of the warmth of the sun’s rays, preventing overheating in summer and maintaining heat in the winter.

Specially formulated solution-dyed plastisol coating means Sunworker does not break down when exposed to extreme climatic conditions. The pigment allows the colours to keep their brilliance under the effects of the sun. It is available in a range of solid colours.