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The innovative LED Sen-Touch flushing system illuminates the buttons on the TECElux toilet terminal.

TECElux toilet from Gro Agencies

TECElux is the terminal for all toilet functions of today – and tomorrow. The toilet of today can do so much more than before: rinse and blow-dry, purify the air, and flush automatically. But often, the aesthetics are sacrificed for this additional hygiene and comfort.

TECE has now created a form that unites all functions. The technology disappears behind the wall, and all that is visible is a flat facing made of white safety glass.

The terminal features an LED Sen-Touch flushing system (the buttons illuminate as you approach the terminal and operate electronically); a built-in “odour-vac” system (an invisible air-freshening/odour-extracting device located behind the glass panel); an “m-Lift” function that allows you to adjust the height of the ceramic pan, even after installation (pans are available separately); and an easy-access panel to allow upgrades and maintenance on all these features inside the wall.