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Zip Hydroboil from Zip Industries

Zip Hydroboil instant boiling water systems are now available with upgraded water filtration systems and power-saving features that reduce operating energy consumption by as much as 55% compared to earlier instant boiling water systems.

A 0.2 micron Zip GlobalPlus filtration system provides better tasting tea and coffee by filtering out bitter-tasting chlorine, extends the service life of the boiling water chamber by inhibiting the accumulation of mineral deposits, and eliminates other water-borne contaminants as tiny as 1/5000 of a millimetre.

Power-saving features include Zip Power-Pulse technology, which controls boiling water temperature more precisely than ever before (within 0.2°C of the selected temperature), automatic sleep mode or total hibernation after a period of nonuse, automatic power-off when the kitchen goes dark, and a 24/7 on/off clock, enabling power to be disconnected during periods when the kitchen is not in use.