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Multistop 5 is designed for areas that require mould prevention, such as bathrooms.

Multistop 4 is ideal for change rooms as it has excellent water-resistance properties.

Multistop 3 is particularly suited to reception areas and libraries, as it offers resistance to fire, impact and sound transfer.

Multistop plasterboard from Boral

Introducing Boral’s range of high-performance, multi-attribute plasterboard

Welcome to the future of high-performance, multi-attribute plasterboard. Boral’s Multistop™ range is a tiered system that allows architects, designers and specifiers to choose from a range of plasterboard to suit their individual commercial project.

Whether it’s resisting mould, water or fire, dampening sound or providing a high-impact surface, Multistop™ plasterboard allows specific solutions to be tailored and provides better value for money. Multistop™ allows the user to decide which attributes they want – for example, there is no need to choose anti-mould or wet area boards if a particular project only requires impact, sound and fire resistance.

Recommended for a wide range of commercial projects, including walls and ceilings in music rooms, libraries and reception areas, Multistop™ 3 provides resistance to fire, impact and sound transfer. For very high foot traffic areas or places subject to frequent bumps, including school corridors and gymnasiums, Multistop™ 3HI (high impact) is recommended – it’s equipped with embedded mesh for greater resistance.

If moisture resistance is an issue, Multistop™ 4 is ideal. In addition to fire, impact and sound resistance, Multistop™ 4 provides water resistance, which means it’s great for office kitchens, cafeterias, food courts and rest rooms. For projects that require higher impact resistance, such as commercial kitchens and science and trade classrooms, Multistop™ 4HI (high impact) provides extra toughness and durability.

Multistop™ 5 provides anti-mould attributes, making it great for projects where the prevention of mould is imperative, such as hotel bathrooms, commercial rest rooms, restaurants and laboratories. If the area is subject to greater traffic and impact levels, such as in hospital wards and corridors, Multistop™ 5HI (high impact) is ideal.

Designed with a uniform composition for extra strength and water resistance, Fiberock® Aqua-Tough™ high-performance interior boards offer increased resistance to indentation and penetration and are suitable for walls and ceilings where high-impact, moisture, mould and fire resistance are required. Fiberock® Aqua-Tough boards are particularly suited to environments that demand a premium multi-attribute performance board, such as projects in the health and education sector.

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