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Kaynemaile Building-Armour was used on a building for Ideal Electrical in New Zealand.

Building-Armour seamless mesh from Kaynemaile

Architect Thomas Chong in collaboration with Brynn McCauley of BMC Architecture selected Kaynemaile Building-Armour for use on a building for Ideal Electrical in New Zealand. The seamless mesh, which is lightweight and offers flexibility, strength and rigidity, conforms over a series of pyramid structures protruding from the building.

As the building is exposed to extreme sun, the mesh had to provide internal solar shading, yet maintain inside–out visibility. The building is located close to the sea, so the non-corrosive nature of Kaynemaile Building-Armour made it an ideal choice. The previous building on this site was destroyed by fire, and therefore the fire-resistant mesh (ISO9705 Result 1S) met the safety standards.