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The ability of VersiPave® to be separated into halves or quarters enables flush placement along wall edges and also around or into corners.

Quality paver supports from KHD

VersiPave®, supplied by KHD, is a paver support pedestal with height extensions and height adjustments. It is ideal for use in areas such as balconies, swimming pool surrounds and courtyards. Individually adjustable chocks allow for paver thickness differentials and eliminate the need for bedding sand or cement screed. This reduces the load burden on building structures as well as installation time and costs.

VersiPave® provides a cavity for services to be concealed, improves heat and sound insulation, and facilitates rapid surface drainage while allowing waterproofing and services to remain accessible. VersiPave® is available in heights from 24 mm to 45 mm, and may be increased using extenders up to 200 mm, after which the VersiJack® system is recommended.