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The Wolfin Waterproofing System was used on units in Lorne, Victoria, applied by Flex-a-Seal, a trained and licensed Wolfin applicator.

Wolfin Waterproofing System from Projex Group

The Wolfin Waterproofing System has been used to resolve a waterproofing problem at luxury residential units located on the Great Ocean Road in Lorne, Victoria. Terraces and balconies of the penthouse units form the roof of the units below, and leakage was resulting in water ingress inside habitable rooms.

Wolfin GWSK Membrane was chosen to rectify this. The Wolfin GWSK is bonded to the deck to eliminate water tracking in the event of accidental puncture. Due to its close proximity to the ocean, the Wolfin membrane was terminated using 316L Stainless Steel Profiles. Galvanized Wolfinsteel angles are used in non-corrosive environments.