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The new Taubmans Colour Galaxy Fandeck displays generous colour swatches.

Colour Galaxy Fandeck by Taubmans

The new Taubmans Colour Galaxy Fandeck features 1,505 hand-selected shades divided into two main sections. The first section, “Whites, Neutrals and Mineral Tones,” features some old favourites plus new directional shades.

The second section, “Spectrum Colours,” takes its name from the hugely popular Spectrum Fandeck produced in 2000. The colours featured include both muted and clear palettes and fantastic accent colours that capture short-term and long-term global colour trends. This section also incorporates 31 new colours that have been added to the Taubmans Colour Galaxy.

Every leaf in the Colour Galaxy Fandeck displays seven generous colour swatches.