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DS1297 Lift to Lock doorlock by Doric

Doric’s DS1297 Lift to Lock multi point mortice lock is designed for aluminium hinged door applications.

The lever is lifted upward to throw the side projection bolt and the vertical locking rods. Additional functionality can be added to the lockset by the fitting of Doric Furniture with snib, which then provides a “day latching function” – the ability to secure the lock from outside, without key locking, therefore providing safety when the building is occupied.

It is designed to provide four-point locking when a shoot bolt rod kit is fitted. Installation and field serviceability has been enhanced with a “Pull and Twist” reversible bevelled latch bolt and the ability to remove the lock body while the rod connectors slide out from the actuators.

Key features and benefits:

  • Stainless steel bevelled latch bolt, horizontal projection bolt and vertical D bolts for strength and durability
  • “Pull and Twist” easily reversible bevelled latch bolt without the need for tools
  • 4 Point locking when vertical shoot bolt kit fitted
  • Snib function available when used with Doric Furniture with snib (DS1504 or DS1604 Series)
  • Easily removable lock body which slides out from the Vertical Shoot bolt rods, without the need to unscrew rod adaptors
  • Floating cam cylinder allows for one side to be operated even when a key is left in the other side of the cylinder
  • Stainless steel rod tubes which provide a secure connection onto the adaptors when crimped.