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Barangaroo International Tower 2 in Sydney features Horiso solar control systems. Architect: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners.

Horiso solar control systems used at Barangaroo

The complex solar control system by Horiso that operates Barangaroo’s International Tower 2 roller blinds is “Climate Ready Engineering” assessed, analysed and designed.

The design success required assessment of the building’s rod-shaped architectural facade components in variable lengths and heights, and consideration of the indirect glare from water reflections and other buildings. Prior to installation, Climate Ready Engineering provided performance and programming analysis that included sun tracking diagrams, blind operation graphics, 3D data computer visuals and customized programming options.

The 1,100 Climate Ready EZ2 wi-fi motor controllers operate the 4,400 roller blinds to reduce solar glare and heat gain while maximizing daylight on all 43 floors of the building.