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Panovista fabrics have a minimalist design and provide sun protection while maintaining a view to the outside.

A zip protects the Panovista Max from heavy wind.

Panovista fabric sun protection from Renson

Ideal for glass-on-glass corner windows and sliding glass corner windows.

Panovista is a new type of fabric sun protection that is ideal for both glass-on-glass corner windows and sliding glass corner windows, for which conventional screens often cannot provide a solution.

Prevent overheating
Transparent surfaces that allow buildings to be flooded with natural light are a common design preference for both architects and clients. The solar gain naturally helps to heat the house and daylight can improve feelings of wellbeing.

However, it is important to ensure that the amount of sunlight entering the home can easily be controlled. Different solutions are required for different locations and times of year – for example, during winter when the sun is low, it is desirable for more sunlight to enter the home, while in summer, the strong sun can cause unpleasant overheating.

As the frequency of sunny days is increasing and the average temperature is rising every year, sun control is recommended for all projects. Renson’s Panovista offers ideal solutions.

Clever design
Using Panovista provides shading control while maintaining a transparent view to the outside, even when the screen is closed down. No unattractive aluminium profiles or cables are visible at the corner. Patented technology ensures that both sides of the system are rolled up simultaneously, providing the desired sun protection without sacrificing visibility to the outside.

When developing Panovista fabric sun protection, close attention was paid to the aesthetic aspects and to rapid integration. The cassette and edge guides can be concealed aesthetically in the facade and even the lower slat disappears into the cassette when the screen is completely rolled up. The system is supplied with fibreglass fabrics that have an extremely high level of sun protection. Profiles and fabrics are available in various colours.

Panovista is available with two types of cassettes, with the larger type, called Panovista Max, suited to corner windows up to 6,000 mm wide on each side and with a maximum height of 3,400 mm. In this case, a zip protects the sun screens from heavy wind. This is ideal for both new construction and renovation, for private residences and other projects. Panovista is supplied combined with a mandatory wind sensor.

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