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Abbots and Kinney in Adelaide, designed by Studio-Gram, features Intergrain timber finishes. Photography: David Sievers.

Intergrain timber finish used at Abbots and Kinney

Adelaide patisserie Abbots and Kinney features Intergrain UltraClear finish on its timber surfaces. Designed by Studio-Gram, the interior is split in half diagonally: one side features bespoke timber framing, the other is flushed and painted black.

Timber is a key element of the project, and all the timber throughout the patisserie was finished with Intergrain UltraClear. “We used Intergrain UltraClear Interior due to its clarity and durability,” says project architect Dave Bickmore. Intergrain UltraClear is easy to apply and fast drying, allowing for several coats to be applied in one day.