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The different textile structures of the Lay and Uno carpets are ideal for combining in creative ways.

All colours are available as an acoustically effective floor covering.

Lay and Uno woven carpet – coloured combinations

New and exciting colourways are working together on Lay and Uno woven carpet surfaces to ensure a luxurious high-end appearance and feel-good quality.

With different textile structures, Lay and Uno carpets inspire creative combinations. Each collection comprises 72 well-matched shades. Individually or combined, the carpets allow numerous possibilities for floor design. Lay and Uno colours range from subtle greys, browns and beiges through to radiant shades of blue, orange and green.

The new colourways expand creative scope for architects, planners and interior designers – whether it is a uniform application or with vivid alternation, a homogeneously coloured appearance is ensured.

All the colours are available as an acoustically effective floor covering from the Carpet Concept Acoustic System CAS. A special back coating efficiently absorbs the sound. The carpets not only offer great colour combinations and a cosy flooring solution, they also considerably enhance the acoustic comfort of the room.