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The Mother of All Rollers unites large openings with ultra smooth and consistent sliding.

Mother of All Rollers by CiiLOCK Engineering

Advancements in the technology behind sliding door systems is bringing to life wider openings enriched with improved energy efficiency. CiiLOCK Engineering’s innovative Mother of All Rollers is specially designed to ensure sliding operation remains smooth and consistent underneath weightier panels.

Based on the remarkable pressure-based concept behind ancient roman arches, the Mother of All Rollers features a unique “self-levelling” mechanism that balances the weight of the door evenly across each wheel and intuitively self-adjusts to accommodate any imperfections along the track.

This unique and award-winning technology ensures the panel moves flawlessly while maintaining consistent surface contact – smoothly gliding double- and triple-glazed panels weighing up to a hefty 300 kg.