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Unique (Be Smart) is one of three finishes in the Unique range of porcelain tiles by Feri and Masi, available from Artedomus.

Unique stoneware range by Feri and Masi

Artedomus has introduced a new range from Portugese porcelain tile specialists Feri & Masi. Unique is a collection of unglazed double- and triple-loaded porcelain stoneware that offers concrete plates with a “raw touch” and outstanding design. Inspired by the masters of Japanese minimalist architecture, the collection of three different finishes – Unique, Unique (Be) and Unique (Be Smart) – achieves a real concrete aesthetic through Feri and Masi’s innovative production process.

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, Unique offers architects, designers and clients a contemporary concrete aesthetic with the durability, low porosity, low maintenance requirements and ease of installation of a very high-quality porcelain tile.