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Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, InnoCeil can enhance and add to the natural appearance of buildings.

InnoCeil provides spatial noise reduction through sound absorption and sound-transmission reduction.

InnoCeil composite timber ceiling solution by Innowood

For many years Innowood has been at the forefront in the innovation of sustainable composite timber solutions. InnoCeil ceiling solutions are highly recommended and specified products by many architects, designers and homeowners for both indoor and outdoor applications. InnoCeil enhances and adds to the natural appearance of commercial or residential buildings by offering not only the appearance, but also the touch and feel that is closest to natural timber. It also offers high acoustic performance by providing spatial noise reduction through sound absorption and sound-transmission reduction. 

Innowood prides itself on producing high fire-rated and tested material that self-extinguishes without aiding further combustion. InnoCeil is locally tested to the most relevant Australian standards for fire rating and upon request and requirement can be formulated to achieve AS 1530.3 and can achieve up to a Group 1 rating (AS/NZS 3837 – Specification A2.4 of BCA) or up to BAL-29 Rating (AS 3959:2009 – Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas, Appendix F).

With continuous product improvement and innovation, Innowood ensures its clients have access to a wide range of profiles and colours to precisely match their design intent, such as in the latest premium range of InnoCeil shiplap fixing profiles.