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A custom ceiling installation of Spacemaile mesh in bronze adds warmth to the lobby at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Christchurch. Interior design: Designworks. Photography: Jason Mann.

Playful movement with Kaynemaile mesh

Kaynemaile has reimagined two-thousand-year-old chain mail into a unique architectural product that is now being specified and installed around the world. 

Kaynemaile makes systems for both interior and exterior applications. One of the latest projects using Kaynemaile’s Spacemaile interior system is a custom ceiling feature at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Christchurch, New Zealand, .

Inspired by a nearby winding river, the beautiful Spacemaile bronze mesh ceiling feature in the hotel lobby is lit from above and brings a warmth to the space as guests arrive.

Kaynemaile architectural mesh gives approximately 80% airflow through the cross-sectional open area, allowing airflow compliance to be maintained.

Kaynemaile is built on collaboration, thriving on working directly with architects and designers to realize complex projects. If one of Kaynemaile’s standard systems doesn’t suit the concept, its team of specialized designers and fabricators will collaborate with the client on a custom solution.