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SecureLap roof lapping by Bondor

"Roof lapping done right.

"SecureLap is a unique roof lap jointing system that changes the way low-pitch long-run insulated roofing is designed and installed in Australia. SecureLap provides a solution to existing troublesome 'sheet-to-sheet end lap' and offers a real alternative to the more expensive 'expansion joint' system which requires extra purlins and purlin cleat modifications.

The SecureLap system is significantly easier to install than current lapping alternatives removing the need for sealant and butyl tape which is both messy and difficult to assure a secure seal. This patented and cutting-edge technology is designed to provide the additional water ingress security while preserving the integrity of the existing roof warranty. SecureLap is the only option for the ultimate in end lap protection.


  • Unique end lap system purpose-made for low-pitch and long-monoslope roofing
  • SecureLap seal removes reliance on sealant or butyl tape
  • Allows the turn-up and turn-down of roof pans for added water ingress security
  • Designed to allow thermal expansion and contraction to suit Australian conditions
  • Low-profile design for visual roof continuity and uniform purlin height
  • Significantly improves installation time and reduces labour costs
  • CSIRO tested and conforms to Australian Standards (AS/NZ 4046.9-2002)
  • BlueScope Steel endorsed warranties."