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Axios Tri-Linking Polymer Technology provides a stronger adhesive bond for timber floors.

Bostik’s Ultraset SingleStep2 and Greenforce timber flooring adhesives from the Axios range.

The newest trend in hardwood flooring from Bostik

Most hardwood adhesives today contain linear polymer chains that link to other molecules only at each end. Axios Tri-Linking Polymer Technology from Bostik uses a revolutionary molecule that has three reactive branches similar to a tripod. This allows each molecule to bond in three locations instead of two, making the adhesive bond stronger. 

How does this benefit architectural projects?

Bostik’s flooring systems reduce motion between timber planks and help to create spaces that are quieter and more comfortable, with the natural warmth that timber provides. 

Bostik Ultraset® SingleStep2,® the premier product in the Axios range, is a high-performance adhesive, moisture-control and sound-reduction membrane all-in-one. This formulation maintains the superior long-term durability, moisture control and sound abatement properties of high-end urethane adhesives.

Bostik Greenforce® is a high-performance timber flooring adhesive and moisture-control membrane. It maintains the superior long-term durability and moisture control properties of high-end urethane adhesives. It has very good workability, making it very easy to apply.

Bostik’s premium Axios® Tri-Linking hardwood adhesives contain no solvents, zero VOCs and are designed to minimize installation time and material costs.