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The Touché iTOPKer countertop collection by Inalco is defined by its ultra-white appearance.

Touché iTOPKer countertops by Inalco

Inspired by the appearance of marble, the Touché iTOPKer countertop collection, distributed in Australia by G-Lux, features subtle veined patterns on pure white backgrounds.

The Touché collection is part of Inalco’s wider iTOPKer range of large-format porcelain slabs, which are ideal for countertop applications. Made with state-of-the-art materials, iTOPKer porcelain slabs combine strength and elegant design. The extra-large size of the sheets, (3,200 mm × 1,500 mm × 12 mm), make iTOPKer countertops highly versatile. Offering great design potential, they can be used in ambitious, complex projects.