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Ecoply plywood was specified for Adriano Pupilli Architects’ IMBY kit, a modular structure assembled using expressed timber friction joints. Image: Courtesy Adriano Pupilli.

Ecoply plywood specified for modular IMBY kit

The IMBY (In My Back Yard) kit is a beautiful, light-filled structure that celebrates its own form. Expressed tusk-tenon joints are combined with the accuracy and strength of contemporary fabrication using locally harvested, FSC-certified Ecoply plywood panels. 

“We wanted to create a modular building system that is beautiful and flexible, that can be added to, reconfigured, clad in different ways, and can be packed away and transported,” explained architect Adriano Pupilli. “Plus, we wanted it to be good for the planet and the hip pocket. Ecoply was the logical choice.”