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Clipsal’s Iconic Styl range features “skins” that can be swapped out to achieve a different look.

Iconic Styl light switches from Clipsal

The Iconic Styl range from Clipsal by Schneider Electric allows homeowners and designers to easily and safely change light switches to complement the decor of a room.

The look of the Iconic switches and sockets can be changed by swapping out a “skin,” which simply pivots and clicks out for a new one to be clipped into its place. Made with anodized aluminium, the Styl range is available in three metallic finishes, ‘Silver,’ ‘Crowne’ and ‘Silver Shadow.’ It has a sophisticated appearance designed to suit any urban interior, while also delivering a safe and reliable electrical solution. With its Bluetooth-enabled switches it also offers app-controlled dimming, time control, and energy saving options.